Unsung Siblings Series, Part 1: The Unrepresented Siblings' Journey blog post

Hey Everyone, Unsung Siblings Series, Part 1: The Unrepresented Siblings,

Today we are kicking off a new series addressing the unsung siblings. This series is written by none other than our son. Many times throughout the adoption process, siblings may feel unrepresented. Sometimes siblings can get lost in the process. Perhaps they feel ignored or that their input is not significant. Without a doubt, we are here to say no to any of that stuff. He has some encouraging words and a part of his story he would like to share.

“Hey. Ever since I was able to speak, I prayed in my baby brother.  As I could talk more, I prayed in my one baby brother and two baby sisters. It was a long 12 year journey. During the years, I felt frustrated when my friends became big brothers or sisters. Without a doubt, I had serious conversations with God. We chatted about having my sibling come to me before my friends’ siblings coming to them. To be honest, this occurred for about 5 years. During my last round of conversations with God, He sent my sister to me.

Let me go back in the journey before she was born. Reverse back to when I prayed and waited for her. Throughout the 12 year journey, at times it was exhilarating when we thought we had an opportunity to be matched. During those times, I was excited then became sad when things did not work out. My mom praying each time. God told her that these babies were not my brothers or sisters. Back then, it was hard to take. Many nights I cried and felt angry. I could not understand why things were happening as they did.

Then, all of a sudden, a call came on a Monday afternoon in June 2015. I was taking my achievement tests as my mom was supervising. My mom explained to me about the news that there was a possibility of my sister being born. To be honest, I was thinking that it was not my sister. I thought this because in the past, we received many calls and not one worked out. How could it be that a baby girl is born, a sudden call comes, and that is that? Well, that is exactly what happened!

How cool is this? After about one hour, the adoption agency called back my mom. The woman from the agency was asking how quickly we could fly to California. The next thing I remember is that we were packing and preparing our house sitter. Within 16 hours of the call, we were flying out for my sister. Approximately two hours after landing in California, we arrived in the NICU to see my baby sister.

Since my sister, came into my life, she has become my best little buddy. Surely, I am so thankful. She is turning out to be my one true friend on the earth. Currently, I am waiting for my next sibling. I am praying for him/her to be filled with Holy Spirit’s Fruit of the Spirit. You see, I learned that God has a sense of humor. If you do not ask, you do not get. Siblings, you need to be exact and precise when you pray for your brothers or sisters. Otherwise, you may find your sibling being not quite what you expect. God knows what He is doing, so you just have to have faith and believe that all will be well.”

Big blessings and love you all,


Ps., If you are a sibling and want to share your thoughts and feelings about your journey writing for your brother or sister, please click HERE.

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