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Unsung Siblings Series, Part 1: The Unrepresented Siblings’ Journey

Unsung Siblings Series, Part 1: The Unrepresented Siblings' Journey blog post

Hey Everyone, Unsung Siblings Series, Part 1: The Unrepresented Siblings, Today we are kicking off a new series addressing the unsung siblings. This series is written by none other than our son. Many times throughout the adoption process, siblings may feel unrepresented. Sometimes siblings can get lost in the process. Perhaps they feel ignored or that…

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Celebrities Who Were Adopted, Part 3

Celebrities Who Were Adopted blog post

Hey Everyone, Celebrities Who Were Adopted, Part 3: As I research more and more about adopted celebrities, I am in awe to learn about how many are adopted. Adoption is bigger than people realize. Yes, adoption is special. Indeed, it is a precious unction that comes forth out of the heart. Yet, once you adopt,…

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YOU GOT THIS! blog article

Hey Everyone, YOU GOT THIS: Did you ever have one of those days, weeks, months, or years that you just feel as though you simply cannot keep ahead?  If you say, “YES, SISTER!” I want to assure you, you are not alone.  If you are an adoptive family either in the waiting process or post-placement,…

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Happy Belated Fourth of July!

Happy Belated Fourth of July! blog article

Hey Everyone, Happy Belated Fourth of July: We send you belated Fourth of July blessings.  Indeed, we pray that your Fourth of July was filled with much remembrance of how our country started and those awesome ones who fought for our independence from England.  During our Fourth of July, our family reflected on all that…

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Birthdays and Memories

Hello Everyone, Birthdays and Memories: In our house birthdays should be called birthweeks.    One week ago today, we flew off to Florida for our daughter’s extended birthday weekend.  How that weekend flew!  Well, yesterday was her actual third birthday.  We celebrated with her little pals, their moms and dads, as well as some of…

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Happy Third Birthday and a Love Note to You!

Hey Everyone, Happy Third Birthday and a Love Note to You: I am hoping that everyone is having an amazing week.  As I type, we are packing to fly off to the beach.  We are celebrating our daughter’s third birthday this weekend in Watercolor, Florida.  Just a few moments ago it felt as though she…

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Happy Memorial Day!

Hello Everyone, Happy Memorial Day: Yes, this blog is short and sweet. We wish you guys an awesome and Happy Memorial Day!  Please take a moment to reflect upon all that it represents. Big blessings from us, Allyson & Dave, P.S., If you would like to share your Happy Memorial Day memories, please click HERE.

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