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Happy September and Hurray, Back to School!

Happy September and Hurray, Back to School! blog

Hello Everyone, Happy September and Hurray, Back to School: Belated Happy September greetings I send to you! Also, a big hurray for Back to School!  I hope everyone is well and is savoring the shift in seasons. In my family, September represents the transition from summer to autumn. How quickly the time flies!  To be…

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Happy Fourth of July 2019

Happy Fourth of July 2019 blog

Hey Everyone, Happy Fourth of July 2019: We pray that your Fourth of July is filled with much remembrance of how our country started and those awesome ones who fought for our independence from England.  During our Fourth of July, our family reflects on all that God created and desired for this country.  We celebrate…

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Happy Memorial Day 2019

Happy Memorial Day 2019 blog post

Hey Everyone, Happy Memorial Day 2019: We at Conduits of Love, send you and your families a blessed and wonderful Memorial Day 2019.  Hopefully, you spend it with your loved ones or doing something that you enjoy. Indeed, this day is extremely precious as we remember and honor those that fought, and continue to fight,…

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Happy Mother’s Day 2019!

Happy Mother's Day 2019! Blog post

Hello Everyone, Happy Mother’s Day 2019: I hope you are doing great and having a beautiful week. As you are aware, Sunday, May 12, 2019, is Mother’s Day! Without a doubt, this day can be challenging if you are putting your baby or child up for adoption. In addition, this day can be painful if…

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Blog Post

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Can you believe that 2019 is upon us? To be honest, it has been a challenging year for many. Yes, we have seen break-throughs in many parts of our country regarding the stopping of abortion. That is a big celebration right…

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Happy Memorial Day!

Hello Everyone, Happy Memorial Day: Yes, this blog is short and sweet. We wish you guys an awesome and Happy Memorial Day!  Please take a moment to reflect upon all that it represents. Big blessings from us, Allyson & Dave, P.S., If you would like to share your Happy Memorial Day memories, please click HERE.

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