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Hey Everyone, Save The Adoption Tax Credit,

Currently, The Adoption Tax Credit is at risk. Truly, this tax credit helps many families with adoption expenses. Right now we need to outreach to our state congress representatives and senators. Indeed, we need to email and make telephone calls.

Congress and senate will vote by the end of November regarding the survival of The Adoption Tax Credit. Please click HERE to connect with The Adoption Advocacy Council For Adoption. Indeed, you can take action and find out more information. Also, you can locate your current senators and congress representatives. Please click HERE and you will be sent directly to the, “Save The Adoption Tax Credit,” page.

In general, The Adoption Tax Credit is available to families who adopt children. Adoptions  can be from foster care, private domestic adoptions, and internationally.

In 2017, the adoptive family may claim up to $13, 570 tax credit for qualified adoption expenses. However, this may be applied during the tax season following the finalization of the adoption. Families annually earning $203,540 may only claim a partial tax credit. In contrast, families annually earning over $243,540 may not claim any tax credit.

Particularly, a family adopting a special needs child from foster care may claim the maximum tax credit. In addition, they do not need to have qualifying expenses. Further, the amount of the credit a family can use depends on their annual income and federal income tax liability. Again, for more information, click HERE to connect with The Adoption Advocacy Council For Adoption.

Overall, we need to voice our opinions and fight for our adoptive families. This tax credit helps countless adoptive families. Please, take a stand and advocate. Remember, it is all about the children.

Biggest blessings and love you all,


P.S., If you have any questions or concerns, please click HERE.

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