Love, Faith, Hope…

Hey Everyone, Love, Faith, Hope…

How many times do you wonder why in life do things turn out as they do?   Some events are amazingly awesome.   We all celebrate such wonderful times and we are very thankful.  Then there are other times when things may seem whoa.  In your mind, do you ever ponder the would of’s, could of’s, and/or, should of’s?  Indeed, those types of statements are poison.  I encourage you to avoid entertaining them.   Whatever your current situation may look like, I have hope and faith that something wonderful will come to you.  If you are at the onset or midst of your adoption journey or if you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, I know it all can be challenging.   I believe wonderful things are ahead for you.

If you are an adoptive parent, I believe the moment when you see your little one come into your life, all your questions and pondering will be answered.   I wave a banner that reads, “Every child should have a loving home.”  I believe that you have so much love to give and you will make an amazing parent.

However, as you wait for your little one, this is the hardest part of the process.   As I walked in your shoes, I found out how well worth the wait was when I saw our daughter for the very first time.   To be honest, I am again walking in your shoes and I am reminding myself of these points.  I am testimony.   It was a long three plus years waiting.   However, everything changed the first moment we saw our baby girl.  Yes, every question and prayer were answered in that first moment.  Words cannot express that moment.  Without a doubt, lift up your head because you have hope.   I believe it all comes down to the right timing.  Trust me, I know!  Hold on to your faith. Your little one is coming.  Yes, it is going to be awesome!

If you are a birth parent and facing unending questions, you have so much hope.  You may not believe it, but it is the truth.  Of course, only you know what you are going through.   I can offer you words of encouragement and edification.   Without a doubt, you are chosen.  By all means, you carry a miracle and a beautiful life.   What an honor it is to carry a child.   I believe that every life has a purpose.  Every life is created with meaning and a destiny.   Also, I believe that every life is an irreplaceable gift.

If you, lovely birth parent, find yourself bouncing between options regarding what to do, I encourage you.   Your answers are right there in front of you.  Indeed, there is so much help available to you and there are people waiting to assist you.   In addition, there is a family out there who will treasure raising your unborn baby.  You have the ability and rights to select the right one for your child.   Likewise, you are not stuck, but you  have so much hope.   Hold on to your faith, everything will be alright.

Adoption is a privilege and an honor.   It is a journey where there is joy.   At times, it is a matter of us refocusing and seeing it through new lenses.   Keep your faith, hold onto hope, and look up over your current circumstances.   It is all about the children and love is the answer.

Biggest blessings and love you all!

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