Let Us Talk Saving the Lives of the Babies (Anti-Infanticide) Blog Post

Hello Everyone, Let Us Talk Saving the Lives of the Babies (Anti-Infanticide):

I hope everyone is well and starting to witness an early spring. Recently, if you are like us, you are watching the shocking and sickening actions of our nation’s congress and senate.  In addition to the evil manifesting on the federal level, we witness it on the state level via governors. “Infanticide,” is running rampant as governors support and make laws for murdering babies.  Indeed, this is the evil disregard of human babies’ survival  and life. This genocide of babies is occurring at conception through post-birth. Hopefully, you are not tolerant to this. Overall, we are praying and taking a stand.

I am going to respond to an article, “2019: The Year We Fight Against Infanticide, It is Time We See Abortion’s True Colors,” by Logan Zeppieri.  This superb article appears within the Biola University Chimes. Mr. Zeppieri’s February 18, 2019 article addresses points that these politicians and leaders do not care about nor consider.

One argument is for defending life and the implications of that point. Mr. Zeppieri identifies points voiced by Scott Klusendorf, president of the Life Training Institute. Mr. Klusendorf states, “It is morally wrong to intentionally kill innocent human beings.” Second, “Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being.” Third, “Therefore, abortion is morally wrong.”

Also, Mr. Zeppieri discusses how the abortion debate does not coincidentally begin with addressing economic issues, personal convenience or quality of life. It all starts with the question, “At what point is it a human being?” That answer is simple, “At conception.” Mr. Zeppieri shares that within a Senate Subcommittee report, “Physicians, biologists, and other scientists agree that conception marks the beginning of the life of a human being: a being that is alive and is a member of the human species. There is overwhelming agreement on this point in countless medical, biological, and scientific writings.”

In addition, Mr. Zeppieri directs us to the facts within Mr. Klusendorf’s case. Also, Mr. Zeppeieri shares, that at the time when we address a child as being a child, this points to the onslaught of debates regarding what are the reasons for life. Yes, we all hear the cover-up labels, “woman’s health,” “reproductive rights,” and “deeply personal.” These each are ammunition to terminate a precious child’s life. No longer are these cover-ups and excuses holding water to murder a baby, no matter at what age.

Further in Mr. Zeppieri’s article, he reminds us of the fact that the creation, or conception, of a baby is not just the act of the mother.  Conception is a, “joint-act.” A good point by Mr. Zeppieri is that society sees sex as being extremely, “personal.” However, we also need to see conception as being extremely, “parental.”  Yes, conception is not simply a, “Woman’s health that is at stake, but also the health of a child.”  Further, the battle for, “reproductive rights,” is not the battle or allowing to take the life of the innocent.  This is the fight to save life. Thus, the freedom to reproduce, is the right to create, “Human life from human life.”

In addition, Mr. Zeppieri questions us to examine exactly what are we covering up? In the year, 2019 it is the year we are saying it like it is. Yes, it is time that we protect the life of the child.  Mr. Zeppieri identifies the truth that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes shares. Rep Ocasio-Cortes explains, “Imagine a pregnant woman decides she wants an abortion. She’s driven down to an abortion clinic. After her abortion, she walks out and sees another pregnant woman crossing the parking lot. She screams at the woman, but is too late. The pregnant woman is struck and killed by a drunk driver. He is charged with double homicide.”

In conclusion, Mr. Zeppieri asks us to reflect upon a few points. First, how is it that we tolerate when a woman, who aborts a baby, is seen as one life? Whereas, a woman, who does not abort a precious baby’s life, is seen as two lives? Do people truly understand the facts about what occurs during an abortion? Mr. Zeppieri, states, “I believe we know the answer, but we are refusing to ‘call a spade a spade.’” He concludes, we are rejecting and not acknowledging to identify a child as a human life.

Overall, the way we at Conduits of Love see it, a child is a human life. A child is a human life at conception and throughout. We come against what these corrupt politicians and governors are making agreement with, murder. Please, remember, it is all about the children. We firmly believe that every life has a purpose, a plan, and a destiny. As corrupt politicians and governors force infant genocide, they deliberately murder our next generation. Lastly, please pray for the babies’ survival and for their justice.

If you have any questions, concerns or responses to infanticide or if you need further information, please click HERE.


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