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Hello Everyone, How To Keep The Spark Through This Season:

I hope everyone is doing well. It has been awhile since my last blog. Have you have been watching what is going on in our nation regarding laws allowing the murdering of babies? One state, New York, has passed and others are trying to pass laws, including: Virginia, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Vermont. These states will allow the murdering of babies up through the full term of a pregnancy, 40 weeks. Without a doubt, we are praying and will not back down petitioning until we see the reversal of these laws.

As I can expect, you may be feeling very heavy and discouraged. The entire nation is rising up and starting to unite, as well as speaking up. This should encourage you. However, I can bet besides this evil coming forth, that as Valentines Day draws nearer, you may find life as being very challenging. So, how do you keep the spark through this season? How do you keep encouraged during such an emotional time?

Many blogs ago, I share how important it is to take care of yourself. During the adoption process, you may face constant reminders of your passion and fire to have your child join your family. Rightly so and you have license to feel sad. However, this is truly not helpful or going to benefit you or your loved ones. It is vital that you celebrate what is up ahead. Pamper yourself and focus on you! Try to enjoy your favorite activities. Go out and enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant. If you prefer, stay in and have a movie marathon watching your favorites. Whatever you find is the most enjoyable and fun activities, go for it! Overall, try to make memories and celebrate you and your loved ones.

Also, couple care during the adoption process is critical. Therefore, truly love on your spouse and enjoy times together. Take yourself and your spouse, or your best buddy, to the spa for a massage. If you and your better half enjoy golfing, skiing, swimming, boating, hiking, or whatever, just get out there and try to have some fun! Try to make certain you set aside date nights and make certain you follow through. Or, if you are able, go on weekend escapes or mini-vacations to your favorite destinations. Many air carriers have weekend deals that can make weekend escapes affordable. How wonderful is that?

All in all, through the adoption process, it is extremely important that you truly pamper yourself and your other half. Adoption is such a blessing, yet it can be stressful and sometimes frustrating. As you take care of yourself and your marriage, not only will this nurture yourselves, but you are making memories. Remember the best is yet to come. Indeed, it is only a matter of time before your child is coming home. Come on, get excited! In the meantime, celebrate yourself and your honey bunny! You guys are so worth it!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding self-care and/or couple care, please click HERE. You are extremely valuable and this process is meant to be encouraging, not negative.

Happy Valentines Day and big blessings,



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