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Hello Everyone, Happy September and Hurray, Back to School:

Belated Happy September greetings I send to you! Also, a big hurray for Back to School!  I hope everyone is well and is savoring the shift in seasons. In my family, September represents the transition from summer to autumn. How quickly the time flies!  To be honest, we look forward to the chillier weather and the beautiful foliage. Nothing like going on walks through the leaves and picking pumpkins. Such a great time to make memories and enjoy the season.

Where we live, school started two to three weeks ago.  However, in many regions in the nation, the kids returned around Labor Day. Sometimes that transition back to school can be very challenging or it may flow as smooth as butter. Hopefully if you have children who are back in school, it is all going well. Sometimes the transition returning to school is harder on the parents than it is on the children. Indeed, my hope is that you and your family are now flowing with the new rhythm of the school year and the change in the season.

On a separate note, I need to emphasize something very important. As you may be aware, we stand for saving the lives of unborn babies. To this day, there remain governmental figures in state and local governments who do not respect the lives of unborn babies. We strongly believe at Conduits of Love that every life has purpose, meaning and has a destiny. Countless state and local governmental, as well as numerous ones in our nation’s senate and congress, do not care about saving a life. To be honest, God would not create a precious life if He meant for it to be murdered. Abortion is genocide, no matter what stage of a pregnancy. Also, abortion is not women’s health care, it is down right murder. Lastly, God lovingly and miraculously creates life and does not do so by mistake.

Overall, we encourage you to find out about your local and state’s stance regarding abortion.  Indeed, discover what laws, legislation, and/or bills are in your state’s congress or senate regarding fetal heartbeat and the stopping of abortion.  Additionally, find out and pray for your state to enact laws that forbid abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected. Yes, these laws would protect the lives and rights of the unborn babies.  Without a doubt, we encourage you to join prayer groups in your local churches, universities or communities, that pray for:   the reversal of Roe v. Wade, survival of the unborn babies, increase in adoptions, peace for all birth parents, and the stopping of abortion.  Another idea is for you to create a prayer movement of your own.

Once again, we are the chapter leaders of the Greater Nashville Region Bound4LIFE. Bound4LIFE is not a protest, but a grassroots prayer movement. In reality, each silent siege is a prayer meeting. Each intercessor silently prays as they do not say a word. In general, these grassroots prayer meetings are a time of fellowship and worship as we all make up the wall for the babes and for our nation.

Overall, during our Greater Nashville Region Bound4LIFE Silent Siege’s, we silently pray for: the unborn babies, reversal of abortion, increase in adoptions, the birth parents, revival in our government and culture, President Trump, elimination of Planned Parenthood, and more. If you would like to join us for an upcoming Silent Siege, please click below. However, if you do not live in the Greater Nashville Region, and you would like to participate, please click HERE. This is the chapter page for the Bound4LIFE web site where you can find a chapter nearer to you.

To our adoptive parents who are still awaiting their babies to come, we stand with you. As you already know, your baby is coming and it is in the perfect timing.  Everything will be ok and it all will make sense once your baby comes home.  To our birth parents, there is a perfect plan for you and your unborn child. God has you both right in the palm of His hand.  Please understand that you are chosen to carry a miracle. Yes, this precious baby you carry is not a mistake. Obviously, God knows what He is doing and has a beautiful plan for you and for your baby. Absolutely, God has a perfect family to raise your baby and will take wonderful care of you.  I pray that your answers are coming into view and that no confusion is clouding your vision.

Lastly, adoptive parents and birth parents, if you ever have questions, concerns, or need clarity regarding your journey, please contact us.  Please click HERE, because we are here to help you. Your journey truly is wonderful and beautiful, despite the challenges that you may encounter along the way.  Our hearts go to you and we firmly believe that it is all abut the children. Again, Happy September and Hurray, Back to School!

With much love and biggest blessings,


P.S., Please click HERE if you would like to share your favorite part of fall. Also, please click HERE if you would like to join us for one of our Silent Sieges.


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