Happy Memorial Day 2019 blog post

Hey Everyone, Happy Memorial Day 2019:

We at Conduits of Love, send you and your families a blessed and wonderful Memorial Day 2019.  Hopefully, you spend it with your loved ones or doing something that you enjoy. Indeed, this day is extremely precious as we remember and honor those that fought, and continue to fight, for our country. We thank them for defending and protecting our freedom. Without a doubt, we are spending our day reflecting and thanking God for sparing us from the evil we could face if it was not for the people contending for us.  Lastly, we are celebrating our awesome country and thanking God for our POTUS, as well as those God chose to govern our country. Yes, we Americans need to be extremely thankful.

In addition, we send you encouragement and blessings on this Memorial Day 2019. As you may be in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy or waiting for your child, we understand this time may be challenging. However, we know that God has you and your babe. Everything will be fine, despite what your current circumstances look like.  Overall, we encourage you to take a moment and reflect on what this day means for you and your nation. Yes, we decree and declare that Memorial Day 2019 will be the best Memorial Day that you ever experienced.

Big blessings and love you all,


P.S., IF you would like to share what you are doing this Memorial Day, please click HERE. Also, if you need support and encouragement, please contact us by clicking HERE.

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