Happy Father's Day 2019 blog

Hello Everyone, Happy Father’s Day 2019:

If you are not aware, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, 2019.  Our hats go off to all fathers. Without a doubt, it is vital that we honor our fathers. We firmly believe that honor be given where honor is due.  Fathers, we honor you and bless you. Yes, we celebrate you and thank-you for being who you are.  If you are an adoptive or birth father, we want you to know how vital you are. Despite the fact that mothers appear to receive much attention, we never want you, fathers, disregarded or not receive accolades. Overall, you are equally significant and we applaud you.

Moreover, fathers are just as important as mothers through the adoption process. Indeed, fathers differently may comprehend the adoption process than mothers.  Fathers may have varying concerns or questions than their other halves. Through the adoption process, fathers’ view points, stances, thoughts, and feelings are priceless.  Yes, you may not openly express your emotions or thoughts as frequently as your counterparts. However, fathers’ feelings and thoughts need sharing and understanding by those who can appropriately respond.

In essence, we need to gleam from those that have gone before us. Also, we must  honor those that have gone before us. This is true in so many arenas. Without a doubt, this is true regarding our fathers.  Overall, fathers need to gleam from those fathers who can closely identify with what you are experiencing. This is not to think that mothers are not understanding. But, it is important that you, fathers, are encouraged and receive what you need from these other fathers.

Adoptive fathers, we encourage you to connect to those adoptive fathers who have walked this path and have gone before you. Yes, you are unique and have different opinions or questions than your counterparts.  Indeed, mothers typically are more emotional whereas fathers are more logical or analytical. Both fathers’ and mothers’ reactions and modes of processing the adoption journey are equally significant. If you, adoptive fathers, ever feel discouraged about your adoption journey, we encourage you to connect and gleam from adoptive fathers who have journeyed before you. Overall, there is a wealth of knowledge, information, and understanding that you can receive from them.

From the beginning of the adoption process, fathers may in depth question the different adoption route to journey. Fathers may need more detailed information regarding international, domestic, open, semi-open, closed, and independent adoptions. Throughout your entire adoption journey, fathers may have other questions or concerns that are more analytical or logical than mothers. For example, fathers may need continuous questions answered regarding finances, fees, costs, red tape, and so forth. In addition, you may need further questions addressed regarding the wait, adjustment, and how to bond with their future child. Overall, your thoughts and feelings through your adoption process may change and need sharing.  Furthermore, it is vital that you, fathers, connect with the fathers who have gone before you and who have gained wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

Birth fathers, our hearts go to you. We send you Father’s Day blessings and encouragement. If you are feeling frustrated, lost or confused, we encourage you to connect with birth fathers who walked before you. We encourage you to connect with other birth fathers who are mature and wiser. In short, we encourage you, birth fathers, to share with other birth fathers your concerns, thoughts, and feelings. Nobody can completely understand what you are facing. However, a birth father who has experienced something similar to your situation can offer you support, encouragement, and understanding. Altogether, there are vital lessons and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that you, birth fathers, can receive from those who have traveled before you.

Lastly, society may not understand fathers’ stances, opinions, thoughts and feelings. We do not want to see fathers discouraged or misunderstood. Sometimes  others who mean well, mess up. These ones may not understand or may not say the correct things. Please, if you are a birth father or adoptive father and need encouragement and support, please click HERE. True, we are starting group meetings within the near future, but we are here for you right now.

We at Conduits of Love have fathers available who ventured the adoption path and have the ability to encourage you. Yes, we learned quite a bit in the past eighteen years. All things considered, we hope that we can share with fathers what we experienced. Similarly, we believe we have grown wiser and acquired much knowledge and understanding. Likewise, birth fathers we are here for you. We have much information, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to share with you. All in all, we are here for all our fathers and stand with you all.


Happy Father’s Day, biggest blessings and love you all,


P.S., If you are a birth or adoptive father and you need extra encouragement and support, please click HERE. We are here for you and honor you!

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