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Hey Everyone, Happy Fall Y’all!

Happy Fall Y’all and hope everyone is doing great! Indeed, Fall is in full swing. Where we live, the foliage is starting to look spectacular. It is my hope that you can enjoy the crispness in the air and enjoy the vibrant colors of the leaves. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy this season and I hope you are embracing it. In our family, we love to take walks to see the beautiful leaves and jump in leaf piles! Both activities bring out the kid in each one of us.  Without a doubt, it is my hope that you have your favorite pastimes and you are enjoying them.

On a separate note, I need to emphasize something very important. As you may be aware, we stand for saving the lives of unborn babies. To this day, there remain governmental figures in state and local governments who are not respecting the saving of unborn babies’ lives. Strongly we believe at Conduits of Love, that every life has purpose, meaning and has a destiny. Countless state and local governmental figures, as well as numerous ones in our nation’s senate and congress, do not care about saving a life. To be honest, God would not create a precious life if He meant for it to be murdered. Abortion is genocide, no matter what stage of the pregnancy. Also, abortion is not women’s health care, it is down right murder. Lastly, God lovingly and miraculously creates life and does not do so by mistake.

Alright, back to the love that we hope to share to all of our friends. We love all the babies, our adoptive and birth parents.  As we draw nearer to the 2020 election year, despite the fact that they are one year away, I want to encourage you to please do your research and find out about politicians who are running for office. In particular, discover who are the ones that truly stand for life?  Some politicians are wolves in sheep clothing who claim they are pro life. Yes as we dig, we find out the truth and realize that these ones are not whom they claim.  Without a doubt, we need our nation’s governmental offices to be filled with righteous ones who stand up for life. This is true on the state, federal, and local levels. Amen?

LIFE on the local, state, federal levels of government is vital. We encourage you to pray for your representatives and that they get into alignment with saving the lives of  babies. Provided they are not doing so already.

Currently, we at Conduits of Love are working on providing group and private coaching services to all our parents. Also, we are in the process of connecting with others as we seek out solutions following the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Please pray for us to find others with the same mission.  A portion of our vision is to make adoption more affordable and less regulated. True, some pieces of the red tape are necessary for the protection of the children. However, much of the beaucratic red tape and regulations are excessive. It is our desire to see adoptive families be able to receive their hearts’ desires. Also, we passionately want to see birth parents be able to find the perfect adoptive families to raise their babies. Building families is our thunder. After all, it is all about the children.

Biggest blessings and love you all,


P.S., Please click HERE if you have questions about governmental figures in your region, state or federally who stand for life.


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