Greater Nashville Region May 2019 Silent Siege Blog Post

Hey Everyone, Greater Nashville Region Bound4LIFE Upcoming May 2019 Silent Siege,

I hope everyone is having a great week! With the Pro-Life movement skyrocketing,  it is no better time to take a stand for our unborn babies.  We, The Greater Nashville Region Bound4LIFE, are scheduling our May Silent Siege within the upcoming few weeks. The plan is to first Silent Siege at our State’s Capitol. Immediately after, we will Silent Siege the Nashville Supreme Court. In the state of Tennessee there were two bills, HB077 and Senate Bill 1236.  Indeed, HB077 aims to restrict abortions at the time of hearing a fetal heart beat. Unfortunately, Tennessee’s State Senate shot it down. Next, Senate Bill 1236 focuses on making an abortion illegal at the time of detecting a pregnancy. Once again, the Tennessee’s State Senate shot that down. Both bills address ectopic pregnancies and will not risk the life of the birth mother.

We understand that this is not over.  Prayerfully, we will see these bills resurface in 2020, if not sooner. Yes, we believe that we will see the life of our unborn babies saved. Please pray for our state senators to vote life and see the precious lives they will preserve as they vote these bills through.

Once again, Bound4LIFE is not a protest. In contrast, Bound4LIFE is a grassroots prayer movement. In reality, each silent siege is a prayer meeting. Each intercessor silently prays as they do not say a word. In general, these grassroots prayer meetings are a time of fellowship and worship as we all make up the wall for the babes and for our nation.

Overall, during our Greater Nashville Region Bound4LIFE Silent Siege’s, we silently pray for: the unborn babies, reversal of abortion, increase in adoptions, the birth parents, revival in our government and culture, President Trump, elimination of Planned Parenthood, and more. Finally, the group praises and worships, as well as celebrates communion. It is a powerful time.

Without a doubt, I encourage you to pray for the states who are pushing through laws regarding the protection of abortion. Personally, I do not agree with the lies of the enemy trying to destroy innocent and precious lives. Please read John 16:13.  Here you will learn about how the Spirit of Truth reveals all truth, not the lies of the enemy.

If you would like to join us for an upcoming Silent Siege, please click below. However, if you do not live in the Greater Nashville Region, and you would like to participate, please click HERE. This is the chapter page for the Bound4LIFE web site where you can find a chapter nearer to you. You are very important and your participation is vital. We encourage you to get involved and stand with others to build the wall.

Big blessings and love you all,


P.S., If you would like to join our Greater Nashville Region Bound4LIFE chapter and Silent Siege with us, please click HERE. We will give you exact information regarding times, dates, and locations.

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