What is Conduits of Love?

Conduits of Love, Inc. is an adoption advocate dedicated to making adoption a reality for those who really need it most... the children.

Conduits of Love was established for adoptive families as a way to provide resources for support, encouragement and guidance.  Adoption agencies, facilitators and attorneys who operate in the adoption field usually do not offer this. 

Conduits of Love is a resource for birth parents, as well.

Through our resources we provide strategies, insight, testimonies and education.  At Conduits of Love we also share our personal journey and experiences and then provide our families the opportunity to do the same.

We believe in the love that God showed us through His Son, Jesus Christ, and His sacrifice on the cross.  That is who we are, but our desire is to reach out to whomever wants to receive and accept our help, regardless of your background or religious beliefs.  Help is offered free and without obligation.