Celebrities Who Were Adopted, Part 6 blog post

Hey Everyone, Celebrities Who Were Adopted, Part 6,

In honor of our last few days of Adoption Awareness Month, we are revisiting our celebrities. Yes, I think it is time to celebrate two more who are adopted.

If you like fast food dining, then you may know our first celebrity. Dave Thomas is the founder of the fast food restaurant chain, Wendy’s. Besides founding Wendy’s, there is more to his legacy. Truly, Dave is a champion of adoption programs. In reality, he founded The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is a national, nonprofit public charity. In particular, this agency tries to find forever and loving families for about 155,000 children waiting in North America’s foster care systems.

Besides Dave founding The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Wendy’s, there is more to his story. In fact, Dave was adopted as a baby. At 6 weeks of age, Auleva and Rex Thomas adopted Dave. Unfortunately, his adoptive mother died when he was 5 years old. Thankfully, Dave was being raised by his adoptive father and his adoptive grandmother. Sadly, Dave passed away in 2002. What a beautiful legacy. All in all, we are so thankful for everything Dave Thomas continues to do for the children.

Our next celebrity who is adopted is Frances McDormand.  You may recognize her from, “Fargo.”  This Oscar award winner has an adoption story.  Frances was born in Chicago. At 18 months old, she is adopted by Noreen and Vernon McDormand.  Frances’s adoptive parents are Canadian. Her adoptive parents raised her in Pittsburgh. Throughout her childhood, the family moved around a lot. Frances’s father was a preacher. Therefore the family spent a lot of time on the road. Through the years, Frances continues to embrace adoption. She and her husband, director Joel Coen, adopted a son of their own. How sweet it is!

In conclusion, it is awesome how both celebrities make an impact regarding adoption.  Dave Thomas creates an agency to get the babes to their forever families. Whereas Frances McDormand and her husband adopt a son. Overall, I hope your Adoption Awareness Month is lovely. Adoption is so beautiful and precious. Thank-you for opening your heart and life to a beautiful babe.

Big blessings and love you all,


P.S., If you have an adoption story about a celebrity that you would like to share, please click HERE.



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