Adoptive Parents


Conduits of Love is here to help coach families through the red tape of adoption. We offer multiple coaching options to help make your adoption dreams come true. From the pre-adoption phase through finalization, Conduits of Love will be there to provide information and support to guide you through the entire process.

Conduits of Love coaching services do not stop after the finalization of your child’s adoption. We also will be there to support you post-adoption with any post-placement issues you may experience. Our goal is to make adoption and the process easier by talking out your thoughts, feelings and working through any complications that you, as adoptive parents, can face. Also during our coaching sessions, we keep you accountable by ensuring you follow through with steps that help you achieve your main goal of having your adoptive child or baby join your family, as well as adjust.

Conduits of Love is an adoption education and support agency for birth and adoptive parents. Allyson B. Maedel, M.A., Founder and President of Conduits of Love, makes sure that she always is directly involved in any support services we offer. Conduits of Love provides coaching and mentoring to women., as well as couples. In particular, she guides, directs, coaches, and encourages birth and adoptive parents through their adoption journeys. Additionally, she is on the Board of Directors at Heaven Sent Children Adoption, a licensed and HAGUE accredited domestic and international adoption agency located within Middle TennesseeAlso, Allyson is a member of the National Council for Adoption and Rainbow Kids.

Allyson has worked over ten years in the fields of research and counseling. In particular, she worked in the field of childhood trauma. She offered her services at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Osteopathic Medicine. At the time, this center was called the Center for Children's Support. This center treats childhood trauma. Allyson was the group counseling coordinator and the research coordinator for ten years. In addition, Allyson offered her counseling services at Joseph J. Peters Institute in Philadelphia, PA. This agency offered counseling and research in childhood trauma. In both settings, Allyson counseled children ages 2-16 in both group and individual treatment settings. She also counseled the non-offending parents of the victims of childhood trauma in both individual and group settings.

Allyson created Conduits of Love since she herself has navigated through the rollercoaster of adoption. She is a mother to a college age son and an elementary school age daughter, who is adopted. Allyson and her husband, Dave, are working on expanding their family again, by currently waiting for their next children. Her experience through her own adoption processes, as well as the extensive research she has conducted, helps her to understand what you are feeling.